Products & Services
We provide asset managers with quantified, reliable forecasts of investable assets in the 5 major asset classes and subclasses, as described below. As a by-product, clients also receive forecasts of the business cycle, inflation and earnings plus a timely research report every week, each of which covers a distinct aspect of the markets.

Analysis and price forecasts of over 150 investibles (6 and 12 months ahead) in the following asset classes and subclasses (with total numbers of investibles):
  • Market Messages
  • Optimal Portfolio Strategies
  • Recommended Asset Allocations
    • Global Investors
    • U.S. Specific Investors
    • U.S. Specific Investors (Fixed Income)
    • U.S. Specific Investors (Equities)
    • U.S. Specific Investors (Sector Rotation)
  • U.S. Dollar & Commodity Prices
    • U.S. Dollar in Foreign Exchange (9)
    • Broad Commodity Indexes (7)
    • Specific Commodities (28)
  • U.S. Money Market, Yield Curve, Spreads
    • U.S. Treasury Yields & Total Returns (6)
    • U.S. Corporate Bond Yields (3)
    • U.S. Corporate Yield Spreads (3)
  • U.S. Fixed Income: Govt., Corp. & MBS
    • Composite Bond Indexes (2)
    • U.S. Govt. Bills, Notes & Bonds (8)
    • U.S. Agency, MBS, & Municipals (5)
    • U.S. Corporate Bonds & FRNs (12)
  • U.S. Equities, Styles & Sectors
    • U.S. Equities & Style Bets (10)
    • S&P 500 Sectors (10)
      • Year-Ahead Forecasts
      • Year-Ahead Recommended Allocations
  • International Currencies & Fixed Income
    • Foreign Currencies (10)
    • Foreign Government Bonds (Broad) TR
      • Developed Markets (4)
      • Emerging Markets (3)
    • Foreign Government Bond Yields (13)
    • Foreign Government Bonds (Country) TR (13)
  • International Equities
    • Broad (10)
    • Asia-Pacific (10)
    • Europe (10)
    • Americas (4)
    • Recommended Allocations(4)
  • IFI Asset Allocation Advice, Past 12 mos.
  • Forecasts: IFI vs. Wall St. Strategists
    (January only; with comparison to each following year's actual results published in our annual, cumulative, unarbridged Track Record)

  • Focused and timely analyses of significant near term shifts in market performance - or in government policies affecting markets - that may occur between the monthly publication of The InterMarket Forecaster.


  • In-depth, historical analyses of the factors driving a specific asset or asset class.


  • Free-market analyses of the fundamental political-policy factors which determine economic and financial performance and materially influence investments. By distinguishing basic truths from prevailing myths, these reports help investment managers identify and profit from broad trends in policy and markets - often becoming more contrarian as a means of identifying better opportunities sooner.
Client-specific consulting engagements and projects including model enhancements: through teleconferencing, email exchanges and on-site presentations.